I have experienced meaningful coincidences throughout my spiritual journey.

Sometimes, they have been subtle, and at other times—as Deepak Chopra suggests—they have seemed to border on the miraculous. Some of the synchronicities I experienced during the first weeks I was triggered into Twin Flame Awareness, for example. were quantum entanglement-style mind-bending. I sometimes specifically ask the Divine for synchronicities, that might guide my steps, and they often show up in very creative ways.  Synchs are always important to notice—whether playful or subtle or life-changing—because they are part of the language of God/the Collective Unconscious/Universe that I have come to believe is always trying to get our attention.

Synchs can come in lots of ways.

They can come in a series of numbers, words, song lyrics, messages, the right book falling off the shelf at the right time, serendipitous meetings, feathers, coins, or a vague sense of “deja-vu.”  Old souls often notice clock syncs like 11:11, 2:22, or 5:55.  Beloveds may see a Soul-Partner or Twin Flame’s birthday date when in need of encouragement (such as 5:22 or 12:25) or see numbers in pattern like 4:14, or 7:07.

Below are a few examples of synchronicities from my ascension journey.

I have started taking photos so I can document them and remember. Remembering and forgetting who we are and what we know can be constant challenges in the 3rd Dimension.  

Mission Blvd in Hayward, CA
Mission Blvd in Hayward, CA

I was sitting at the stoplight thinking and praying about my mission and work, trying to figure out how to move into this new thing I was feeling called to do after being triggered into Ascension. I asked the Universe “Should I wait? Or should I go ahead and ‘up the ante,’ taking my healing practice (What I had discerned to be part of my mission/calling) to the next level?”  

I looked up and this sign was above the stoplight.

I took a long-planned vacation trip to Mexico a couple of months after I was triggered into Twin Flame Awakening and started purging massively on the trip. I was ranting at my guide team about having to do the hard work of Dark Night of the Soul on vacation when I so desperately needed rest. I asked them to show me a sync if they were there with me. And they did. I walked a little further and sat down on the curb—weak, nauseated, sweaty in the humidity, and with tears now streaming down my face from the purging.  In frustration I said. “If you asshats are sorry I am in so much pain on my f**king vacation, then show me another sync.” I sat there for a minute crying, and then looked up.  This coffee shop was across the street.

Another One Cafe
Another One Cafe - Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico
Mobile Call
Mobile Call - "Answering - async"

This call came in on my landline (which hardly ever rings) while I was writing this article. The Universe can be very playful. I’m also taking this as a synchronistic “Hiya!” from the Divine for all of you who are reading this article. Will you answer

I invite you to start noticing the synchronicities in your life.

Maybe the Universe is waving, “Hello!” or maybe there is a gentle invitation to pay attention to something important or to be more playful. The conversation can be very rich if you train yourself to watch for this deeply profound Divine language of guidance, transformation, and possibility.


What synchronicities (small or wow-sers) have you experienced on your spiritual journey? Please share your story in the comments below. Or if you are having trouble making sense of what you are experiencing, send me a message and let’s get together so I can help you navigate the ways the Universe is whispering, shouting, and trying to get your attention on your spiritual journey.