In Spiritual Direction & Navigation, we are called to create a container for listening and following the movement of the Divine in our lives so we can move with greater presence and power.

Divine movement can be hard to track because Spirit often tries to get our attention in liminal ways—through synchronicity, dreams, metaphor, symbol, song lyrics, scripture, relationships, stories, nature, art, and music (just to name a few). We must learn to understand and speak this divine-soul language by practicing prayer and meditation, journaling, storytelling, cultivating deep listening, being in relationship, and/or creating in various ways. There are an infinite number of spiritual practices that can open our ears and eyes to the language of our souls. And having an experienced, gifted companion that can help us learn to navigate this terrain is invaluable

It is also important that we become aware of the blockages that we have to receiving soul communication.  Religious wounding and spiritual trauma of all kinds, shame, guilt, childhood wounds, distorted religious templates, experiences with religious community and leaders gone wrong, trauma from collective sins such as misogyny, sexual violence, emotional and physical abuse, corporate greed, racism, homophobia, and transphobia can all cause distortions in the ways we see and experience the Holy.  These blockages and distortions can keep Divine/soul communication from reaching us.

Each of us brings significant spiritual gifts to the table. (If you are reading this, you have several.)

Many of us are empathic, sensitive, and have—perhaps undiscovered—gifts of teaching, leadership, discernment, healing, creativity, listening, prophetic witness, community transformation, and justice seeking.

 Some of us find ourselves grieving losses, going through life transitions, or struggling with a sense of dryness in our spiritual lives. And some are plunged into a Dark Night of the Soul or Spiritual Emergency on our journey and need some navigational help through the fog. Others are called to heal and clear the trauma of our ancestral lineages and religious and spiritual traditions so we can bring the gifts and power of our ancestors forward into the present moment. Most of us, however, have no idea this is even a possibility. We FORGET we have these abilities because that is part of incarnating here.  And because our energetic pipeline to the Divine is blocked by spiritual wounding and trauma—or has so many knots and twists in it—we only feel a trickle of the love and power that is available to us. Ongoing Spiritual Navigation can help you clear those blockages— and connect and align your soul with the Divine—so you can feel more love, peace, and clarity.  It will also allow you—in the words of Julian of Norwich—to “know your own soul,” follow your calling, and go forward to make your life, your community, and Mother Earth better.  This is, after all, why we are here.

Muddy lane near Fionphort, Isle of Mull, Scotland
The Roads we Navigate on our spiritual journeys take many forms. Sometimes we get an interstate highway. Sometimes it’s an unmarked bushwhack. Most of the time it’s somethings in-between.

In Spiritual Navigation sessions, I do a lot of listening.

And I will intuitively point out the sparkly places, where I see the Divine at work in your life and story. We may explore your religious or spiritual wounding in childhood or more recently. Or, if you request it, I may clear energy and blockages for you that are hindering your spiritual journey. We may discern our way through life transitions or your spiritual calling. We may do a visualization or a round of tapping or acupressure to shift energy that is trapped around a particular issue. Or you may want to learn how to work with Angels or Spirit Guides or try a more multi-dimensional healing modality. Maybe you would like to share some passages from your journal or other creative work to explore how Spirit is present and beckoning. I may show you how to protect yourself and set healthy boundaries energetically or how to cut cords that are connected to your energetic field that belong to others—such as people you lead or work with. I may give you homework: like watching and journaling your dreams or doing a spiritual practice for 30 days and noticing how you feel. With the guidance of what is presenting in your story, I will tailor-make each session for you based on where you are and what you need on your unique spiritual journey.

California Big Sur Adirondack Chairs in the Big Sur River
Spiritual Navigation always has (at least) three participants. The Navigator, the Seeker, and the Divine.

Should I do therapy or spiritual direction/navigation?

Although they are different modalities—with different foci—Spiritual Navigation/Direction can give you a lot of material to work with in therapy and vice versa.  Spiritual Navigation can also be a very useful support while journeying through treatments for chronic pain and illness, particularly chemotherapy and radiation. My work as Spiritual Navigatrix is always supportive of, and complementary to, professional counseling and Western and Eastern medical modalities. It is never instead of.  I will refer you to a licensed professional counselor or medical professional if I believe those treatments are in your best interest.