Navigate present-moment pathways, portals, and thresholds with love, presence, and power.

Clearing blockages, getting acquainted with and listening and watching for the movement of the Divine. Discerning our spiritual mission and calling that will not only help us transform the world but feel a tremendous amount of peace and joy. Spiritual Direction for the 21st Century.

Accessing, identifying, and clearing the trauma and emotional wounding that blocks your soul connection or your ascension/spiritual journey. Raising your energetic frequency so you will able to move with peace, presence, and power in the world.

Therapy is a different modality with different foci. My work as Spiritual Navigatrix is always supportive of and in accompaniment to Professional Counseling and Western and Eastern Medical modalities. It is never instead of. I will refer you to a Licensed Professional Counselor or Medical Professional if I believe those treatments are in your best interest.

Spiritual Navigatrix

Sessions & Pricing

The Process

Creating a Unique Map of Your Journey

In our sessions, I listen and will intuitively call your attention to the sparkly places where I see the Divine at work in your life and story. With your guidance, I will tailor-make each session for you based on where you are on your spiritual journey. Then you can begin to map your unique calling, understand the way the Divine is moving in your life, clear your spiritual trauma, and find your hidden thresholds and portals to pathways of peace and joy.


We may explore your religious or spiritual wounding in childhood or more recently. This kind of wounding will distort and keep us from fully experiencing the power and presence of God. Sometimes when we have this kind of wounding-we just need for our story to be heard. We will create a container for that kind of Holy listening.

Energetic Clearing

I may clear energy or blockages for you that are hindering your spiritual journey. I may show you how to protect yourself and set healthy boundaries energetically or how to cut cords that are connected to your energetic field that belong to others—such as folks you lead or work with. I will also show you how to clear collective trauma from your communities, your family, and your energy field.

Transitions & Callings

On our spiritual journeys, there will be transitions; some of them will be disorienting and painful. There is no bypassing that. It is part of being human. We may navigate what you are experiencing or reflect on experiences from the past that you are trying to integrate in the present. I also especially love to work with those discerning callings to spiritual leadership, community organizing, or creative and inventive entrepreneurial and artistic endeavors. Have you ever considered that you have a spiritual calling or mission? You do. And part of our work can be to help you get clearer about what that is.

Shifting Energy

We may do a visualization or a round of EFT/Tapping or TAPAS Acupressure to shift energy that is trapped in your body around a particular issue. Energy gets stuck in our bodies, and we will draw from these Somatic therapies to access and clear it. These are important tools to have in your energetic self-care toolbelt. I will also encourage you toward massage, Reiki, dance, tai-chi, chi-gung, walking, lifting weights, eating differently, and moving in whatever ways your body is waving spiritual flags at you.


You may want to learn how to work with Angels or Spirit Guides or immerse yourself in, or try on, multi-dimensional energy clearing. We can start with a fear you have or a habit you want to break. Or you can dive in and get help clearing your ancestral lines, or get to know your multi-dimensional galactic soul family. Your pace and desired focus will guide our work.


You might like to share passages from your journal, use your paintings, photos, dramatic pieces, or poetry to explore how Spirit is present and beckoning. I also may give you homework like observing and journaling your dreams, engaging your artistic passions, or doing a spiritual practice for 30 days and noticing how you feel. I love working with artists. As an art photographer I understand that being creative is a primary way to participate in creation with the Divine.

People work with me for a variety of needs.

This kind of transformational work can help eliminate the physical and emotional barriers that stifle personal growth and enable you to open up to positive opportunities.


For individuals
$ 195 per session
  • + 75 Minute Zoom Check-in & Clearing
  • + Once a Month

Payments can be made via check or bank transfer/credit card with Paypal Business and Professional Services.
I will send you an invoice and Zoomlink the day before or the morning of our session.