trauma, negativity, and blockages from our energetic field and surroundings

A deeply transformational modality with tailor-made sessions for your journey.

At its core Multi-Dimensional Energetic Navigation is all about accessing the wisdom of the Divine/Universal Consciousness.

In a multi-dimensional energy clearing session, I will listen to your story, point out the sparkly places, and then deeply clear and dance with your energy, accessing and identifying the trauma and emotional wounding that blocks your soul connection and spiritual journey. You can tell me what you are interested in exploring, or you may choose to allow me to range about intuitively, or with my pendulum, and see what presents itself.

Here are some pieces that may come up in our sessions:

The Hindu sages speak of the Akashic Record- which they call “a record of all things.” More recently Transpersonal Theorist, Stanislov Grof, and Quantum Theorist, Ervin Laslo have referred to the Akashic Field/Akashic Record  as, “an interconnecting cosmic field at the roots of reality that conserves and conveys information.” When I clear multi-dimensionally for you, with the help of the Divine, I am accessing the Akashic Field.

Clear blocked energy and trauma from your ancestral lineages. Although knowing something about your genealogy can help, you don’t have to know much of anything for this work to be effective. We’ll take whatever you know and combined with the help of the Divine and your ancestors, what needs to be cleared, brought forward, and attended to will present itself. Ancestral wisdom will come with it.

Does your beloved pup seem depressed, and his vet can’t find anything wrong? Are you worried about your new kitten who is hissing and staring wide-eyed at the corner? The animals we love can benefit greatly from energy clearing too.

Bonding styles/wounds are passed onto us from our grownup caregivers and ancestral lines- and are broken down into 4 types: Healthy/Good Enough, Anxious, Avoidant, and Disorganized. (Theorists have astutely broken these down into more subtle types). Unconscious bonding wounds give Karmic Partners, Soul Mates, and especially Twin Flames fits and are primarily responsible for the traditional “runner” (avoidant bonding) and “chaser” (anxious bonding) behavior and monikers. The bonding wound template is not always easy to see and is important to examine and be aware of if your journey includes the dance of intimate relationship. This is an area where traditional therapy modalities that deal with the nuances of bonding can be very helpful on the spiritual journey.

Clear energies that are keeping you from being a healthier, more boundaried empath/sensitive soul. Learn to protect your energy body on a daily basis.

Usually speaking of the inhabitants of Mother Earth. Includes humans, animals, birds, fish, plants, and elemental beings. (We can stretch this out and apply it multidimensionally).

What you are navigating on your spiritual journey (child abuse, sexual assault, emotional abuse, victim/victimizer templates, religious wounding, internalized racism, homophobia, and transphobia).

It is very important to cut cords and clear energy after your divorce, breakup, big move, your child leaving for college or the military, or a big job change. We are all collectively transitioning around the COVID pandemic, and it is a complex transition that will not be navigated well by burying our feelings and trying to quickly “return to normal.” We cannot sweep the trauma of this individual and collective experience under the metaphorical rug.

When we spiral down into the emotional basement to clear, heal and retrieve lower frequency energies that we need to transmute during the spiritual journey of ascension.  (Avoiding this work results in Spiritual Bypassing). Descension doesn’t necessarily lower our overall frequency state if we are in ascension- but tending to the hard work of descension will allow us to raise our light quotient and hold more higher frequency energy on our spiritual journey.

David Hawkins (Creator of the Hawkins Scale) notes that shame, guilt, and fear are the lowest frequency emotional energies that trip us up the most in our individual and collective spiritual journeys. Anger, apathy, and pride also play important roles. The higher frequency emotional states, which Paul calls the “Fruit of the Spirit” in his letter to the early Christian church in Galatia are, “Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”

Gods, Goddesses, the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters, Multi-Dimensional Beings, and Fully Divine/Fully Human beings that have incarnated and ascended on Earth and become core founders of (usually now distorted) religious traditions that we invite to help us clear energy, remove blockages, and heal ourselves and our planet.  The High Beings- which I also understand as high frequency manifestations of the unmanifest Divine- empower us for this work. The universe is also occupied by lower frequency demonic, satanic, luciferic, and source of all evil energies around and in us that need to be bound and cleared. The Christian idea of “sin” (Greek “amartia” or “missing the mark”) flags the presence of these low frequency energies. (Examples: Plundering the planet, colonialism, white privilege, capitalistic greed, war-mongering, cis-heteropatriarchy).

Tend to troublesome energies in the land and buildings where you live and work. Maybe the folks who lived in your house before you were troubled, or there is death energy in your home. Maybe energy is stuck in the church or spiritual community you serve, or the energy coming from the cemetery down the street is affecting you more than you realize. Locational issues can far pre-date our residence or connection. The land may be disturbed because of the energies of colonialism, mission or boarding school systems, slavery, war violence, poverty, or the bloodshed of Indigenous People. Mining activity, deforestation, fault line movement, geological disturbance, underground aquifers, an abundance of certain minerals, and damming water that was formerly flowing can also cause unseen difficulties that are significant and hard to track. Mother Earth is alive and organic. When her energies are blocked- difficulties occur.

The Universe is much more than 3rd Dimensional. It is lower level/basement, physical, emotional, mental, Buddhic, atmic, galactic, monadic, logoic, and beyond.

Tend to strange physical issues your General Practitioner is stumped about. This modality will also assist with blockages and overwhelm after being triggered into Twin Flame Awareness, practicing Kundalini Yoga or engaging in other forms of spiritual practice that are manifesting in pain or strange sensations.

Clear the emotional wounding and lingering trauma of pre-birth and/or past lives. Clearing issues that arose around your entry into this world can be very powerful. And you don’t have to believe in past lives, for past life/past life imprint clearing to be powerful and transformative.

The part of the individual and collective unconscious where we stuff everything that is abhorrent to us or we can’t deal with. This terminology comes from the psychology and thought of C.G. Jung. We are unaware of most of what is stored here. It explodes forth and presents itself in ways that are sometimes violent, inappropriate, or upsetting.

Lessen the emotional/spiritual charge of single-incident traumas (accidents, fires, assault, tragedy, loss, etc.) Clear the energy of incidents that are triggering you from your ancestral lines and past lives.

This modality can be an excellent support for traditional medical treatments for anxiety: confront your fear of going outside or of getting sick as we confront this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, lessen your fear of needles and doctors if you are facing an intense round of chemotherapy, or ease your fear of flying if your work requires travel.

Avoiding doing the work of lower frequency energy clearing and aversion to living in and making a difference in the 3D present moment. Spiritual bypassing can keep us stuck, or can adjust itself with a “fall from grace” of some sort. The Proverb, “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before the fall” is applicable here.

A Spiritual Emergency is a spiritual crisis that has become overwhelming or even debilitating. Examples include: Kundalini awakening struggles that cause symptoms in the body, difficulty integrating entheogen experiences, the Dark Night of the Soul, ascension symptoms, overwhelming visions and experiences brought on by spiritual practice, a health crisis, the loss of someone close, a tragedy or accident, addiction recovery, and the purging, soul-shock, loss, and disorientation of being triggered into Twin Flame Ascension/Awareness. Spiritual Navigation assistance during a Spiritual Emergency is absolutely essential.

In this important work, we will retrieve fragments of your soul that trauma has disconnected from you and return the energy and soul fragments you are holding onto for others. We will give attention to closing and upgrading soul contracts or clearing energies and blockages that are keeping you from connecting to the Divine (possibly the most important and transformational energy clearing work you will do on your spiritual journey).

Transpersonal Theorist, Roberto Assagioli, openly discussed the existence of subpersonalities- or parts of ourselves that are sometimes deeply wounded, or that we have abused or dismissed. (In his theory subpersonalities can come from our present life or past lives). The “inner child” is probably the best known by the modern self-help movement. Others include the “inner protector,” “inner critic,” “inner lover,” “inner mother,” or “inner fireman.” They are often holding valuable shadow information for spiritual and emotional integration and healing.  The “Internal Family Systems” modality (Richard Schwartz) deep dives into the transformational potential of working with subpersonalities. Our subpersonalities often have different relationships with the Divine- which can be very confusing as we navigate spiritually.

Have you been triggered into Twin Flame awareness and need help? Are you purging so hard you can’t get out of bed? Are you navigating (the illusion of) separation?  Is your terrified Twin running, ghosting, stonewalling, or blocking you, or mistaking the power you are generating together as evil or psychic attack? Are you sick of the dysfunctional conspiracy theory tinged nonsense in Twin Flame groups on social media? Do you need someone to hear your story and affirm you are not losing your marbles?

I can help you source your life from the Divine, heal your bonding wounds, fill up with power, focus on your spiritual journey, gather new and better marbles, and navigate this challenging road- whether your Twin is in Spirit, texts you a heart emoji once in a blue moon, is sitting on the couch next to you, or you haven’t seen them in years.  I can also assist if you are in a contentious learning relationship with a Soul Mate or Karmic Partner. (DO NOT heap blame and bad mouthing upon your Karmic Partner- they are a very important part of your spiritual journey team.)  All relationships mirror healing issues for the ascension journey- whether those issues concern safety, intimacy, trust, availability, compatibility, template clearing, or ancestral lineage or past life healing opportunities. At the core, your relationship with yourself and the Divine is always paramount. Everything else be in concert with that.

Balance, protect, and upgrade your energetic system, clear negative thought-forms, cut cords that are draining your energy, and clear damage and blockages in your pain- body to energetic and creative flow. Perhaps most importantly, unblock your connection with the Divine and source your life from there.

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