Discovering and Remembering: The Work of the Spiritual Journey

The spiritual journey can be challenging, stormy, and strewn with potholes. Gates and portals are covered with overgrowth but hold surprising and sometimes disorienting transformational potential on the other side. It can be hard to navigate these obstacles, thresholds, and paths alone, particularly with the shadow in play. Rarely do traditional therapy modalities take the complex spiritual nature of our lives into account.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Hamlet (Act 1, Scene 5, 166-167), William Shakespeare

Spiritual Navigation

Following the movement and presence of the Divine with every map, starchart, and compass available to us.

Energy Clearing

A healing modality that clears and transmutes misplaced energy and brings in higher-frequency energy.

Ancestral Lines

Genealogy and ancestral traditions, cultures, trauma, and wisdom that strongly inform your life—whether you realize it or not.


Raising energetic frequency so wisdom, joy, and peace are more freely accessible.

Christ Consciousness /
The Light of Christ

On the Christian mystical path this is The Risen/Ascended Jesus manifestation of the Divine.

Yin / Yang

A Taoist description of Masculine/Feminine energies without the baggage of binary gender constructs.

Twin Flame

A unique Yin/Yang balancing relationship-journey designed to be an intense crucible of rapid spiritual growth, ascension, and unconditional love.

The importance of language

John begins his Gospel, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  According to Johannine tradition, God/The Logos actually spoke the world into being! Words can be very powerful. They can move mountains and support us and they can really trip us up or pull us down into the emotional basement on our spiritual journey.

You may hear me use words that are challenging to you. They may raise questions for you such as “What is ascension?” or “What do you mean by moving energy?” On the other hand, you may feel uncomfortable or have more questions when I talk about God or the Light of Christ. Spiritual concepts, God names and identities can be especially comforting or triggering and that discomfort can point us to places for conversation, clarification, deeper awareness, and healing.

It is my life's calling

to help you navigate on this journey with power, presence, compassion, and love.

Rev. Jeanne Loveless

My passion and work is to bring the Divine wisdom I have remembered and learned into the holy container of Spiritual Direction, so I can accompany and guide others who are navigating the spiritual unknown in life-changing ways with love, presence, and power.

Jeanne at Mt. Shasta

Together we will:

  • Remember what you have forgotten
  • Share and discover the power in your story
  • Celebrate where you’ve come from and where you are
  • Re-gather what has been dismembered in your life
  • Clear the energy and blockages that are obscuring what you know
  • Bring your wisdom forward so you can lead powerfully in the present moment
  • Unblock your connection with the Divine so you can experience creativity, joy, and peace

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