Energetic Photography, Pilgrimage, and Repairing the Breach

Exploring the Landscape of the Soul

Paying attention to the story.

The beauty and divine energy of Mother Earth and the Stars is what I seek to explore and dance with. They are the story I pay attention to in my journey, reflections, and photos.

Clivie Bug

Spiritual navigation, healing, photography and writing are my ways of participating in creation.

Some of us heal by creating beauty in art or music, or by soaking it in and letting it transform us in our favorite artistic venues, museums, and natural spots. Some are scientists or creators of cutting-edge technologies. Some of us bring healing to broken templates in religious traditions, corporate systems, child development, family systems, education, and health care. And some have chosen (without remembering, or only vaguely remembering why) to live in particular places; near ley-lines, bodies of water, fault systems, or mountain ranges to dance with and heal the energy that is there. Some of us have chosen to be connected with places that have been ravaged by war and colonialism, or with places that are shaped by very entrenched and distorted fear based religious beliefs. Some of us walk in nature or make spiritual pilgrimage to such places to re-tank for our work and to be transformed, so we can heal ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth.

Whether we remember we are doing it or not; we are healing ancestral lines and earth traumas, amplifying and awakening ancient earth energies, and even carrying or connecting this energy to other places or bringing it back with us when we return home to heal ourselves, our communities, and Mother Earth. We may even dream about doing these kinds of things, and we promptly forget it, or laugh about how weird our dreams and reveries are.

Yes. Mother Earth is alive. And her energies are swirling around us- everywhere. For eons, seekers have sought out caves, watercourses, paths, vortexes, and holy mountains where the divine resides so we can be in relationship. The Ancestors built monuments at those power places, to channel that energy in many cases and according to principles of sacred geometry that danced with the energies of Mother Earth, and the stars; places like Gobleke Tepe, Solomon’s Temple, Baalbeck, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, The Pyramids of Giza, Chichen-Itza, Machu Pichu, the stone heads of Easter Island, the Circles of Stonehenge, Callanish, the Sun Dagger and alignments of Chaco Canyon, and so many others (including the place where the dowsing rods cross by the birdfeeder in your back yard). Sometimes the ancestors also marked those places of power and importance with carvings, pictographs, or petroglyphs. Unfortunately, we have more recently built strip-malls, and interstates on these holy places that say something important about what many of us worship. We have built so much that Mother Earth is in peril.

It’s long past time for a pivot.

We must clear the violent implant/idea that we are to “have dominion over the earth” as we pollute her, plunder her resources, raise her temperature, and flood her once again. Instead, we are here to honor and dance with Mother Earth and her beauty and holy energies in old ways and new- so she can ascend in frequency and health and we can ascend with her. It is that beauty, energy, power, divinity, and longed for vision of our collective future that I dance with in my writings, and photos.

I hope you will also experience the transformative energy and beauty of Mother Earth in my stories and photos. I hope you will feel the pull to get outside, walk, climb, look for, and seek out holy places. It is also my hope that you will feel something stirring in your soul and wonder what role you are called to play in healing Mother Earth’s blueprint. If you are drawn to exploring your mission or spiritual calling in any way, I would love to hear YOUR story, and help you repair and navigate the energetic breaches and blockages in your life. It is your destiny to remember who you are and what you are doing here- so you can move with love, joy, peace, purpose, and power as a “breach repairer” (Isaiah 58), rebuilder, and resident of Mother Gaia.

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